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 Dr Savage. It’s an honor to speak to you. You raised me. I’m 44 now. I’m Ukrainian. 1996 moved to this great country. 15 years ago first heard you on radio.

Hardly missed a show since then.You became a mentor professor a father figure for me. My dad is 83 now he is in Ukraine. Still getting up every morning and goes do something,”to live”he says.

You are just as him. Angry man That’s how people see me too.

10 years ago I’m the guy who gave you a book titled “WW3 unmasking end time beast”. You read it on the show. It’s somewhere on your shelf. Find it.This events in the world are part of it. You will see everything in there. No one can or will stop this.

I think God knows me too. He lead me to you 15 years ago. I would love to meet you one day.

Happy birthday sir