Photo: “Get Behind Me, Satan!” by Ilya Repin, 1895


  1. SAVAGE, you are usually 150 % right on any given topic. LOVE YOUR SHOW, been listening over 13 years. But with theology you are in way over your head. Spare us the “all spokes lead to the center of the wheel” nonsense and get SAVED. You’re souning like a Unitarian (for God’s sake…)

  2. Embrace your good side but not at the expense of self. To defend against evil you need to be able to see it coming ahead of time. So a knowledge of evil is a prerequisite for success in the battle against evil. Without this knowledge you are sheep amongst the wolves which is how I would describe most of the SJW’s of today. The biggest snowflake of them all comes to mind BONO.

  3. I wanted to add, that I believe everyone has a light side and a dark side. The dance, you talk of, to me means the balancing act between the two. When there is more emphasis to turn bad into good, such as a conversion to put God into their lives, there is more motivation to put the energy of the dark side into doing good. However, some may say it is just how well your frontal lobe is keeping your base impulses in check.

  4. For the uneducated, superstitious, and gullible individuals Christianity was ultimately aimed at; this all seems a wonderful thing. If you do extensive research you will find every part of the fallacy was lifted from other religions. For example: “The Legend of Krishna” in Hinduism was written long before the New Testament. Yet, therein, you will find the story of the birth of Krishna, that directly parrallels the birth of “Jesus”; from the 3 wise men,to the star they followed, to the barn and manger he was found in. Futhermore, going back much further in time and biblical context, in the “Epic of Gilgamesh” hailed by the Sumerians; there is extant a very familiar scene: the great flooding of the world. During this flood, (exactly as “Moses” is claimed to have done) Gilgamesh gathers his family upon a massive boat. As time goes on, his boat is stayed upon the crest of a mountain, at which point he releases doves into the air. (Just as “Moses” is claimed to have done) the rest of the tale is also the same. These are but a few truthful and well researched examples of the poison that has been poured on pages throughout the world. It is known that the bible was written in the later half of the first century after the death of “Christ”. Common sense reveals that if we are to assume that his followers were near his same age at the time of his death, then the alleged authors of the New Testament would be approximately 80-130 years old. We can be absolutely certain people did not live to this age during these ancient times. Especially considering 30yrs old was considered old age during much later mideval times because people died young. To write as if having personally observed these events, which differ in each account in crucial and telling ways, is insulting to the intelligence. It is known that the scribes and scholars of the time had access to many other religious text. They were counting upon the generally uneducated, and poverty-stricken to have absolutely no knowledge of these things and to never question it’s validity. Not to mention the down-trodden’s greater numbers to spread the disease like a fire consumes kindling. Here is a beautiful lie that gives the poor hope and mental illness (an imaginary friend to pray to) that must be reinforced several times weekly (Church)in order to reinforce the lies. The same goes for all religions. They create nothing but a superiority complex, schizophrenia, and a gullible life deprived group of people bent on proving they are better than everyone else even if they must kill to do so: I.E. the events of the old testament bible wherin God commands the Israelites to commit genocide in order that they may claim Israel for themselves, all while the commandment “thou shalt not kill” was still freshly chiseled in the tablets. Also, the events of the Crusades are are no different. They killed eveyone who was not christian, and continued to do so until they could no longer sustain the world touring campaign of death.

    1. Was Christ’s prediction that He would rise from His grave after 3 days also lifted from Krishna??
      Did Krishna raise the dead from their grave in full view of the people in the village??
      Maybe Krishna could at least turn some water into wine while the town was watching like Jesus did.
      Or maybe the writers of the Bible lifted the miracle of making the blind see from Krishna also – yes, Jesus and the authors of the Bible must have copied Krishna on this one too.
      Fools like you end up with Satan for eternity — reality that Krishna had no clue of.
      By the way, Einstein and Newton both believed in the God of the Bible after their research revealed an intelligent designer behind the design of the universe – so as a BSer, you can’t even get that right about Christianity being for the uneducated.

      1. More BS from Bowen: “people died by 30 in ancient times”
        I just googled Krishna – it said he lived to be 126 years old, you fricken bullshiter, and that was around 3000 BC

      2. Funny how, as someone who obviously thinks of himself as Christian, you can be so nasty and hateful. Is calling others fools and BS’ers because they don’t agree with you what Christianity has taught you? It’s ok, just go to confession and say a couple of Hail Marys and Our Fathers and all will be forgiven, even for a hypocrite like you who spouts off about Christianity but hasn’t bothered to learn the lessons Jesus taught.

    2. Re james bowen
      I only read the first few lines of your gibberish and that was enough. Krishna or Hinduism is all about worshiping false gods. In this case some kind of PIG ELEPHANT CHIMERA.
      The meditative practices are invitations for satanic possession. I advise all readers ” Don’t touch this religion with a barge pole”. It is pagan worship.
      Like the other Demonic pedophile religion which was predicted in the bible 600 years before the beginnings of i slam. Read the ST Paul predictions in the Bible regarding Islam and the devil appearing in the desert to create this new so called religion.
      From the Bible “Lets judge a tree by its fruit”.
      India has a third of the global population. How many Nobel prizes have come out of India? Where are all the great inventions despite your massive population? You should rule the world and yet your a third world country still that has no running water, sewer systems in place etc despite these systems being invented many years ago in Europe.
      Its not only about IQ , its also about work ethic.
      India/Pakistan and the is a giant mess and a failure to humanity. Why?
      White Christians make up 6% of the Global population. And look what they have given to the human race and what they have created? Could it have something to do with the values and practices preached in the Bible.
      And that Christian ORGANISATION has been repeatedly attacked and infiltrated by communists and satanic pedophiles of the left.

    3. James Bowen, Although I don’t disagree with you about the invention of Christianity (I’ve never met a Christian who knew anything about the 21 Ecumenical Councils at which the doctrines of the religion were formulated), about how religion depends on people denying rationality and reality or about the suffering religion has caused, you don’t help your argument by making such egregious errors like claiming Moses was associated with the flood (it was Noah), and by extending your comments to all religions.

  5. When I listened to this all I could think of was the Star Wars “You don’t know the power of the Dark side”. However, then I thought of some people who used their anger at some past injustices to motivate themselves. They were very motivated and succeeded in becoming successful people who ultimately helped others.Another example I thought of was an original Star Trek episode “The enemy Within” season 1 episode 5. In the episode Captain Kirk is split into an evil Kirk and a good Kirk. The good Kirk has no strength and is indecisive the bad Kirk has no check in his selfish desires. Ultimately one can not survive without the other, they manage to put him back together with the transporter.

    When you say devil, it generates ingrained feelings of fear and repulsion in me. In order to try and understand what you are conveying I needed to go to other examples where the word devil did not distract me.

  6. A better phrase would be embrace the impulse. The devil is evil and that is confirmed in scripture. What is not evil is our impulsive nature. Some of us have strong impulses towards evil and those are the people you are talking about. If they can learn to channel that into good, they could literally transform this world into a beautiful place. The devil knows this and exploits it by making evil feel good so impulsive people gravitate towards evil instead of good. There is good and there is evil. There is light and there is dark. There is no such thing as forming some kind of partnership with Satan.

  7. It’s true alot of ex drug addicts become drug treatment counselor’s. Now if that works? I don’t see the results with friends and family.

  8. Dear Dr. Savage,
    You cannot embrace the devil to do good. Jesus said that Satan cannot cast out satan or his kingdom is divided. So how could one take a “drive/evil impulse” and turn it around to do good? I offer a simpler explanation of what happened in these men’s lives that turned from doing wrong and now do good with the same passion they showed for doing wrong, but first I have a question for you…….What is sin??

    You and most people could compile a list that could stretch across the room but you would be wrong. Because that is not sin but rather the attributes of sin. You are probably wondering what on earth is this person talking about. I’ll give you a quote that is far more elloquent than I could be.

    “Now listen, what is sin? Now, this is going to shock you. Smoking cigarettes is not a sin. Stealing’s not a sin. Committing adultery is not a sin. “What is sin then, Brother Branham?” Unbelief. Well what is smoking cigarettes, and committing adultery, and lying and stealing? It’s the attributes of unbelief. “He that believeth not is condemned already.” See? It’s… You—you do those thing because you’re a unbeliever. If you were a believer, you wouldn’t do that. See?

    “And the soul that disbelieves, it shall die.”

    Rev. WMB

    Notice it says in John 3:15-16 “whosoever BELIEVETH”, as well as John 3:18, 3:36. There is the heart of it you must believe!
    John 16:8-9, “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
    Of sin, because they BELIEVE not on me”

    These men did wrong because they didn’t believe, but when they believed…..it wasn’t an embracing of the devil. It was the embracing of Truth of simply believing.

    Sincerely, Grace

    1. Dr. Savage.
      You need to incorporate the Power of the Holy Spirit into your summation. We do not “Dance” with the devil, we hand that off to the Spirit to fight. We cannot fight this spiritual battle by ourselves. We are not created to do this. We are created to submit our spirit to the Holy Spirit and Live. Truly live.
      Death is life in Jesus Garden. And there is a (Scriptural) method of doing this.
      Love your show but I feel you lack the New Testament spiritual understanding that’s needed to really nail this subject.

      Sincerely, George Davis

  9. The devil does much more than going down to Georgia; as a Christian he is the evil one that will not meet his demise in the lake of fire, until the return of Jesus; son of man, savior/redeemer of man and his sins/sinful human nature. Until that day, we have to live/survive his existence. Dr. Savage, I am still listening to your Tue 9.19.17 radio show- it is only a rebroadcast for our station- not live, as I wish it were on KSGF 104.1 fm. Since I do not get your newsletter (don’t know why) anymore, I want to comment on your broadcast today and the King in the Field; I truly loved your explanation and on the Jewish NY tomorrow (Wed 9.20) at sundown. And last but never least, may your name, Michael be written in the Book of Life. God be with you.

  10. Doctor Savage ,

    It’s more CLEAR to me now what you ” meant ” to say about embracing the devil …
    I removed the word ” embrace ” and inserted the word ” accept ” . ( ACCEPT the reality of … )
    By doing that it clarifies the ” REALITY ” that evil , Satan and hell exist
    When we ” ACCEPT ” the ” REALITY ” that evil exists then we have a CLEAR choice …
    For me …. ” ACCEPT ” means ” AGREE ” !
    The word ” EMBRACE ” has always meant kindness and Love …..I could never Love the devil …
    Words mean a lot …..
    It appears to me that what you truly meant to say is that we must ” TACKLE ” the devil as in a
    football game and not passively ” embrace ” his or the existence of evil …
    We must WHOLEHEARTEDLY accept the REALITY of evil but never EMBRACE it !
    The ONLY thing I would every want to EMBRACE is Teddy !
    I can’t possibly imagine using that embracing word in regards to the devil or evil !
    Words mean a lot …..And I analyze every word you say ….NOT because I am trying to trip
    you up but because I’m attempting to properly internalize what you are saying and thereby
    I can ” ACCEPT ” ( agree ) !
    Words mean a LOT ……And when we know how cleverly Obama used words to accomplish
    his dirty deeds on earth then we must pay attention to how words can have many , many
    MANY meanings and interpretations !
    For me ……ACCEPT means ” agree with ” and the word EMBRACE can ONLY, ONLY mean
    TEDDY ………………. LOVE !
    The burning woman has ” ACCEPTED ” evil because she cannot ” EMBRACE ” Love !
    The ” Father of lie’s ( as scripture describes ) burns with hatred in her soul !
    Quite simply ………She hates God and ” NOW ” what comes around goes around ….
    Her DACA illegals are calling her what we already know as TRUTH ……. A LIAR !!!!!
    They ” KNOW , KNOW KNOW ….They have been burned by Nancy the liar ”
    And now they have no where to turn !….They are as EMPTY as Nancy is !!!!!!!
    They will internalize their anger , betrayal and hatred towards Nancy and become VIOLENT ?

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