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We watched the heroes who lived through the D-Day invasion being lauded for the world to see. And yet, here in America, we have a stronger communist movement than ever before.

I received an email from a group called The Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution. The email read “Mark June 15th in your calendar. The vast majority of people in this country have been sidelined. Government leaders choke the cable news networks. Meanwhile, the government’s concentration camps fill with immigrants and white supremacist terrorists murder our families and neighbors.” They go on, calling for the impeachment of Trump. They are holding a wave of impeachment protests that will take place on June 15th nationwide.

When you see the words impeach, know only one thing: They are the enemies of our way of life. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump. They want to impeach you. They want to impeach America. They want to put you into a prison camp. And they want to rule the way Pol Pot ruled Cambodia. This is a hardcore communist organization behind the Impeach Trump movement.

The everyman – the Eddie’s of America – defeated the Nazi’s. And for what? So we could be riddled with the boll weevils of hatred who pose as Democrats who want to overthrow a sitting president?

We have been invaded on every front. The borders are being broken. Over one million have come over our border just this year. Are you telling me that those children, those infants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are going to pledge allegiance to the flag that Eddie died for? Are we to believe that they’re going to salute America, the America that Rosie the Riveter put the liberty ships together for? If you believe that, you are a fool. You’re a bigger fool than the Impeach Trump movement.

Many years ago I predicted that there would be a civil war in America. There is a civil war in America. But it’s not being conducted so much in the streets. Where is the civil war being conducted right now?

Can I name the generals of the civil war on the other side?

It would be the president of CNN, or of MSNBC, the generals of propaganda. The Left does not want an orderly transition in this country. What they want is a revolution in this country. To say that we have concentration camps when there are none, to say that white supremacist terrorists murder our families and neighbors when the exact opposite is true? I thought I would spend time reflecting on D-Day, but I can’t dwell on the past. We’re at war right now. There is an enemy within this country who is at war with our way of life.

I believe that this D-Day celebration, as moving as it was for me and many people, has marked the end of an era. Is D-Day still relevant in this multicultural, hateful, drug-ridden America?

Do you believe that Occasional-Cortex, or ‘Representative’ Omar, understands D-Day? Or that Congresswoman Tlaib celebrates D-Day and celebrates what Eddie did to liberate people like her from the shackles of her own people? No, I don’t think so.

So the civil war that I warned against is already being fought. And it is being fought primarily only by the other side. They are mobilizing. They’re organizing. They’re attacking. And of course they say they want to impeach Trump, because they know they can get away with that, because some of the leaders of the Democrat Party are saying the same thing. There are no grounds for impeachment. It’s a complete invention. It’s a hijacking of a nation.

I’m afraid that we on the other side, just like Eddie, who did not really want to go to war, are going to have to go to war. You think all those guys in America wanted to put on a uniform and leave their families behind? You think they wanted to go on those Higgins boats and face enemy fire? They didn’t want to go. They would rather have stayed home and went to a dance, ate a hot dog, and watched a ball game at Yankee Stadium. They had to go. It was the American way. They had to go to save their wives, their daughters and their mothers from oppression, from the true concentration camps that would have to come to our shores.

Now, we must go to war. The Left has declared war upon the truth. The progressives have declared war upon our way of life. And now, they are declaring war upon our very freedom.