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‘BIDEN’S SCORCHED EARTH’ – The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday July 27, 2021

“Terrorism is a form of social hygiene” said Vladimir Lenin. Mariel boat invasion – Castro’s released prisoners fled to America leading to drugs and violence in Miami. Recently Trump said the same thing is now happening on the southern border as prisoners from South & Central America are sent to us. The holocaust analogy is completely false, intended to evoke white guilt. Church charities are making a financial killing on financial assistance to illegals. Diversity is dissolving America. Biden’s “dis” unity started on day one at the inauguration. Blaming whites for everything, championing the MLB boycott of Atlanta (which actually hurt minority businesses). Spending $3 million a day to tear down Trump’s border wall. Minority crime wave is one result as the liberal establishment and media continually attack the police. Socialism’s history is being hidden by prominent figures on the left like the Seltzer-Man Bernie and AOC Half-Cortex. Biden thinks he can do communism halfway, but behind him are hard revolutionaries. PLUS Savage on Newsmax discussing voter fraud. Interview with Stella Morabito of The Federalist. Archival clip of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov on the evils of communism.

‘THE DEATH OF FAITH IN AMERICA’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday July 23, 2021

Death of faith in America has two meanings: “death of faith, here in America” and death of “faith in America”. Today’s podcast is about the first; will address the second another time. Modern churches getting ‘woke’, focusing on good works instead of belief and salvation. The 20th Century killed God: Darwin, Freud, Marx, Vatican II, secular humanism, and the Unitarian church. The 21st century brings new Gods: technology gurus & college indoctrination. Rich people bad, poor people good. Plus Savage’s own faith journey: glimpses of God in things seen and done. Christianity dying while Islam is growing. Travels in the South Pacific, spirituality of indigenous peoples. Jewish religion the hardest because so complicated. The Garden of Eden, can we attain it? God created one woman for one man. What was the land of nod? Faith connects us to the power of the universe.which is effective but labelled racist. Devastating effects of single-parent homes, leading to gangs and prison.

‘MINORITY CRIME WAVE SWEEPING AMERICA (Statistics Don’t Lie!)’ – The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday July 13, 2021

Savage opens the lid on a cauldron of minority violence that has been heating up for years, but people don’t want to talk about. Especially people who are liberal democrats, academics, or members of the liberal media. Key insight in this podcast is that there’s a push to go beyond traditional liberalism. Fueled by ultra leftists like The Squad but now adopted by traditionalists such as Biden & Pelosi. Liberalism is no longer good enough. Soon it will be Maoism or nothing! Discusses Andrew Sullivan piece “What Happened to You?” Also interviews Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute whose piece called “A New Crime Wave—and What to Do About It” and offers stunning data and insights: black incarceration is for violent crime, not drugs; blacks account for overwhelming majority of violent crime compared to their numbers in the population; NYC crime fell under two mayors prior to DeBlasio and has skyrocketed since; police have been forced to curtail ‘proactive’ enforcement which is effective but labelled racist. Devastating effects of single-parent homes, leading to gangs and prison.


Don’t miss this one!  Savage’s 1999 interview with Dr. Edward Teller, “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb”.  A magical conversation preceded by a detailed account of Teller’s life leavened with Savage’s comments.  Teller shared his views on missile defense, nuclear “secrets”, the neutron bomb, and how religion & science can be reconciled.   PLUS Coffee & News: Savage on NewsMax, crime wave spinning out of control, defund liberal mayors & DAs.   Rashida Tlaib wants to defund DHS, seditious!  Military goes full fascist with mandatory covid vaccine.  Drudge website veering left, only ice cream news for Biden.  Haiti President assassinated by professionals disguised as U.S. DEA, drugs?  Biden killing the economy with free money, nobody wants to work.  BLM says American flag a symbol of hate.  DHS Mayorkas a disastrous ‘firecracker in the dam’.  UK millennials want masks & socialism.  Liberalism may kill Israel.

‘SAVAGE CARS + COFFEE & NEWS’ – The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday July 6, 2021

Savage reflects on car memories from childhood to present; from the very first soapbox racer made from an orange crate attached to roller skates, to the most recent futuristic dream called the Stingray 3LT; the car features; the car adventures; even the car accidents! Savage loves cars and he shares his love with you in this can’t-miss podcast; PLUS Coffee and News.

‘TRUMP’S LEGACY & WHY THE LEFT WING GANG IS OUT TO CRUCIFY HIM’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday July 2, 2021

Why are the Democrats out to get Trump? Trump is the general we elected to lead our fight. We’re in a war such as I predicted in “Trump’s War”. They are using Weisselberg as a pawn in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president. Democrat gang is out to stop Trump from running again. They know he would win. Plus archival pieces: “TRUMP IS FUNDAMENTALLY A ROMANTIC AND AN IDEALIST”, “Will Impeachment Cause a Rise of Anti-Semitism in the Country?”, and reading solutions from Trumps War.


The worst hypocrites on the planet are the rich Hollywood and high tech liberals who fly and sail all over the world in carbon emitting luxury yachts and jets. In between their lavish trips to exotic locales they are constantly lecturing us about climate change and poverty. And when they’re not doing that they are censoring our speech as not sufficiently ‘woke’. Who will save us? Well it might be MOTHERS who end up saving us. Being protective of their children they are stepping up to speak against toxic wokeness such as critical race theory and non-gender bathrooms in schools. Also today: Coffee & news.