Listen: Michael Savage speaks about America’s Crisis of Faith on Breitbart

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Radio host and author Michael Savage joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow to discuss his new book God, Faith, and Reason on a special Thanksgiving Day edition of Breitbart News Daily.

“I just want to emphasize this: you hear ‘God’ in a title, right away you walk by and say, ‘ah, who wants to hear that preachy, sanctimonious stuff?’ That’s the immediate reaction in a nation as devoid of any faith as you could ever imagine. That’s where we’re at today. I mean, Rome was probably more faithful than this country is right now, at least from the media point of view,” said Savage.

“And yet, there’s a hard core of people who have never forgotten that this whole thing didn’t begin on its own out of nowhere, that there must be more to it all,” he noted.

Savage noted that Albert Einstein was used as an icon of supreme atheist reason by the Sixties counterculture, but Einstein himself said that “as he got older, the more that he probed the perimeters of the universe, the more he was sure there was a Creator, a grand Creator – it could not happen by accident.”

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