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John McCain, in his last days has decided he no longer wants to be remembered for the war hero he was, but as a turncoat against his country. A ‘Demeny’ of the people.

His opposition to one of the most loyal and knowledgeable people nominated to head the CIA, someone who has worked in the agency for 30 years, someone who was responsible for foiling terror plots after 9/11, will go down as one of his final acts of treason against his country.

This man, “The Maverick” has done more to side with Democrats on policies against this country than any other Republican, and all to the detriment of the country. His corruption of character dates back to the 80’s with the Keating Five scandal that allowed his family to profit from the dealings of Charles Keating, while McCain was pressuring regulators to back off of him.

Later he turned on President Bush, voting against both his tax cuts, and joined Dems on what seemed to be all the domestic issues like health care, auto emission standards, gun control, and climate change. And let’s not forget he’s the biggest Open Borders Republican there is. Then running for President in 2008 he almost had Democrat Joe Lieberman become is VP nominee, something he just recently said he regrets not doing, throwing a loyal Sarah Palin under the bus in the process. And during that campaign he wouldn’t have anyone on his staff say anything bad about his opponent, Barack Hussein Obama. You could say McCain gave us eight years of the disastrous Obama Presidency, which gave us a horrible Iran Deal, a socialist health policy that’s breaking the bank with Obamacare and a massive surveillance state. McCain built that.

And now he goes after Trump with a vengeance. This vindictive man, who is upset because Trump made an offhand comment about him is willing to go against his country just to stab him in the back. Let’s not forget the late night thumbs down he gave on the Senate floor to stop the repeal of Obamacare, stabbing the President in the back.

Now with brain cancer and knowing he is near death he says he is going to do whatever he wants, including putting the nation in danger by rejecting a qualified CIA nominee.

Yes he served his country in Viet Nam and was a prisoner of War. Benedict Arnold was also a great American war hero. He was wounded at the battle of Saratoga, a battle that was one of the first major battles the Americans won. He nearly died from his wounds. Had he died right there, he would have gone down as one of the greatest American Generals and a hero that would be talked about in schools today. But he lived, and like McCain, because he felt he’d been slighted by Washington, he turned on his country and became the biggest traitor in American history.

John McCain is following that exact same path. He could have been a hero, but now he’s just a Demeny of the people.


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