America: The Land of Hatred

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We’re living in an age of hate with mental pollution worse than air pollution. Hatred being the most accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents If you think I’m only going to bash the Left with regard to the hatred, you’re mistaken.

Hatred is in the air; it is spreading like a virus and it unifies people. It unifies those on the Left, the knee-jerk liberals. Hatred also on the other side – to be fair to the discussion – unifies the petty conservatives, the one-string guitar conservatives.

Who hates more the Right or the Left?

Can it be stopped?

Since I’m finishing up my book “Stop Mass Hysteria”, I’d like to talk about stopping hatred. I have to expose the hatred first whether the mass movement is run by Farrakhan, Hitler, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Mohammed; it doesn’t matter. You’ll find that all mass movements rely upon hatred with maybe the exception of Christianity.

Christianity was not born of, nor was it spread by the gospel of hatred. Christianity was born of love and spread through the gospel of love overcoming the Gospels of hatred both of its time and of our time.

Can you say the same about Islam? I can’t. I wish I could.

Look at the common hatred in America. We see first the knee-jerk liberals. Who are the common elements of hatred for them? Who are the Jews for the progressives today? The new Jew for the progressives of our time is Trump. The hatred for Trump is the at the same level as the hatred for the Jew in Nazi Germany.

Think about what I’m saying. The hatred for Trump and the Trump voter now is almost at the same fever pitch as that of the hatred for the Jew stirred up by Hitler. But who else do you knee-jerk progressives or liberals use as your hate piñata – the patriarchy, the family, the real church, white people, the police, the military, capitalism, conservatives, the Bible itself are used to ferment hatred.

On the other side of the aisle, who do the petty conservatives bash on a daily basis?

Lacking imagination or the education to do anything but bash liberals. They bash Obama, they bash illegals, Muslims. Everyday we hear the same thing from the one-stringers…liberals, liberals, liberals. They bash the mainstream media like you’ve never heard it before as if it’s something fresh and new. They bash Soros rightly or wrongly, Pelosi rightly or wrongly, they bash Hollywood rightly, they bash feminists rightly, they bash fake news rightly, they bash socialism rightly, they bash taxes rightly. Hatred has become the unifying element of all political movements.

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