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I dreamed I was with the president at 6:35 Wednesday morning in the White House. Four minutes later the phone rang. It was President Trump. Think of this of all the people in the world who were there, of all of the people he could have called, world leaders, I don’t know who else he could have called but he called Michael Savage. We spoke for almost 15 minutes and he told me he listened to my show the other day in the beast and he said you’re great. I love the show. I love it. You sound great.

The point is he loves the show AND he loves the audience and he loves the Savage Nation and he wants you to know how important you are to him. So here are some thoughts about what’s going on. Every poll is predicting that at the midterms of a president’s term they lose seats in the House. I totally disagree because this is not an ordinary president nor are these ordinary times. And I believe we’re not going to lose the seat by what I saw last night.

I saw Pelosi devouring herself from within. That is what her mouth looked like she was beating herself alive because she’s smart enough to know that her messaging and her wing of the party is finished for good. The sixties are finally dead. A nail was finally put in the coffin of the sixties last night by Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi went into that coffin. As did the entire left wing.

The smartest one there of the Democrats was Charles Schumer. SCHUMER applauded. Schumer smiled. Schumer was far smarter than people give him credit for. He sees which way the wind blows and he knows he was watching and participating in a great moment of American history. And he also knows that as a compromise in the wind that he wants to be part of that of that compromise. Pelosi is out. The left wing is out. For the president to have announced that this is the lowest black unemployment has been in 45 years and for the Congressional Black Caucus to sit there and not get up, that says more about them being stuck in the sixties than it does about Trump not being part of the times.

They revealed themselves last night when they sat for God, when they sat for family, when they sat for everything that we have always accepted as an American value.

The most important thing about last night’s speech though is that you felt like an American again. After eight years of feeling like a stranger in my own country, stabbed in the back every time Obama spoke, telling us how horrible what we believed to be American values were, about who was oppressed, it seems that we finally have a leader who loves the country again.


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