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We did some research for you on the Savage Nation and we compared the number of days that children go to school in America versus China for example. Now, you’re talking about a competitive world, aren’t you? Not in America.

In fact in America, they made homework racist. They said it’s racist because some children have two parents at home, and that’s racist. It’s racist because some children actually have a mother and father who work to make them diligent; that’s racist.

But China doesn’t believe in such rubbish. The school day runs from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. On average, the length of the secondary school year is 245 days a year. Now, how does that compare to America?

Here in America, a land that is falling apart at the seams, the school day is 175 to 180 days per year. Did you hear what I just said? 175 to 180 days a year. Teacher’s take every kind of imaginable reason to meet and discuss…affirmative action…401K’s.The children are off two months in the summer. They have many holidays, many breaks. They only study 175 to 180 days a year, that’s if they even do that.

Now for Japan, how many days do they go? 240 days a year, 60 days more than their American counterparts. The school day begins in Japan at 8:30 in the morning. What I’m saying by this is that this country is so weak and becoming so low in the IQ Department that this country cannot maintain its competitive edge. If you look ahead 20 years, are you telling me with the level of third-worlders that are being ushered into this country by Jerry Brown and the others who want cheap voters and cheap labor, are you telling me this nation can even survive? Well, it will survive, but it will be sort of a labor state, sort of a third-world state is what it’s becoming, which is what the demagogues want.

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