Zoom class fail: Mom screams at teacher about ‘racist-*ss motherf*****s’

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Mother Screams At White Teacher During Zoom Class For Talking Negatively About George Floyd

A mother, who’s child seems to be black, scolded a white teacher during her class on Zoom for making what seems like a negative comment about George Floyd.

“I don’t feel as though that this conversation that you’re having with our children is a good one,” the parent says.

“It’s 2020, you got racist-ass motherfuckers that don’t care,” the concerned mom continues. The teacher tries to jump in but is quickly cut-off by the mom’s rant. “Now you’re in school, talking to my kid about George Floyd. They ain’t got nothing to do with this. You’re having an ignorant, disrespectful conversation. ‘He wasn’t supposed to be honored.’ Are you saying this because you’re white?” the mom rhetorically asks. Then another student, who has a Trump 2020 sign hanging on his wall, pops onto the screen and says, “It has nothing to do with race.”

The mother then ends the conversation abruptly by pulling her daughter out of the class and demanding to be called to further discuss the matter.

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