Zelensky Names Price for Ukraine’s Winter Survival: Seeks $840+ Million in Donations

President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday put a price on how much is needed for Ukraine to survive the winter, pleading some 800 million euros (U.S.$840+ million) is necessary to help his country survive Russia’s bombing of its civilian infrastructure.

The call comes as Moscow has switched tactics since October when it began airstrikes targeting Ukraine’s energy network, plunging millions into cold and darkness at the onset of winter.

As AFP reports, Zelensky made the request for more cash donations to help the country’s energy sector at an international conference in Paris,  hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron, designed to raise material and money to repair Ukraine’s damaged infrastructure.

“Of course it is a very high amount, but the cost is less than the cost of a potential blackout,” Zelensky told the gathering in the French capital via video link. “I hope that decisions will be made accordingly.”

Zelensky said Ukraine needed transformers, equipment to repair damaged high-voltage power lines, as well as generators and gas turbines.

“Because of the destruction of our power plants by terror attacks we will need to use more gas this winter than expected,” added Zelensky, the AFP report sets out.


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