YouTube Censoring Evidence Of Ukrainian Troops Embracing Nazi Symbols

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If you have some genuine information about Nazis in Ukraine, YouTube will prevent you from posting. I tried repeatedly tonight to upload the second video below to YouTube. No deal. The algorithm identified the Nazi content and refused to allow me to upload the video to my YouTube channel. So much for free speech (I had to use Rumble). Repeated denials from Ukraine enthusiasts in America and Europe collapse in the face of these videos and images. This is not AI manufactured content. It is an honest presentation of what some of the units in the Ukrainian Army are celebrating and embracing enthusiastically.

However, remember the “Nazi” Boneface? Turns out he is a fake Nazi and, according to information obtained by Laura Loomer (and I can confirm her source is legit), Boneface is a Confidential Human Informant being run by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Boneface has never been in Ukraine, despite his claims to the contrary. And he is not a CIA asset and the CIA has not paid him a dime to travel overseas. DHS has been trying to use him to keep tabs on the American Nazi movement despite his documented criminal past. I will write in detail about this tomorrow.

Lest you think that YouTube rejects all Nazi content, think again. YouTube is quite happy to allow a documentary on rightwing American Nazis. No problem. Here is one example:

Now look at the following video. This is genuine footage from Ukraine. Americans need to ask themselves a hard question — do we really want to continue to spend billions of dollars propping up a regime that is supported by die-hard Nazis?