“You’re a punk a**”: Joe Rogan’s estranged father is coming after him on TikTok

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Yo, it looks like we got some family drama unfolding out in New Jersey as Joe Rogan’s family has taken to TikTok to try to wipe all the respeck off his name. I don’t know the full history here, but I do know Joe and his dad haven’t been in contact since like the seventies after his parents’ divorce.

Anyhow, I’ll just drop the video here, cuz that’s really what you’re here for: [Warning: Language]

“It’s not about the money,” they insist … but after decades the timing does seem a bit odd, considering Rogan just collected 200 milli from Spotify. Just sayin. Now, while most everybody loves the drama here, I’m just hoping this is the start of some special moment where Joe is reunited with his dad and the rest of the family, cuz that would be really cool.

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