‘You Chose to Be History’s Villains’: Loudoun County Parents Rip School Board After Grand Jury Report

The Loudoun County School Board faced a barrage of angry parents Tuesday evening as they held their first public school board meeting in the aftermath of a damning grand jury report detailing their incompetent response to the sexual assaults of two female students.

The grand jury was charged with investigating the county’s response to the rape of one female student at Stone Bridge High School and the violent sexual assault of another female student at Broad Run High School by the same male student.

In addition to the report, the grand jury indicted former school superintendent Scott Ziegler for three misdemeanor counts and former communications director Wayde Byard for one felony count.

The report said the school district “failed at every juncture” and could have prevented the second assault, but they were too self-interested.

Many parents called for multiple school personnel, particularly division counsel Robert Falconi, to be fired. They also called on all school board members to resign, except the newly-elected, pro-parent board member Tiffany Polifko.


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