Yonkers man hit with hate crime in ‘appalling’ attack on Asian woman


A Yonkers man has been charged with a hate crime in the brutal beating of a 67-year-old Asian-American woman — who was stomped and punched more than 125 times while being called an “Asian bitch,” officials said.

Tammel Esco, 42, was charged with assault and attempted murder in the horrific Friday evening attack — with the entire assault caught on surveillance video.

“This is one of the most appalling attacks I have ever seen,” Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller said in a statement. “To beat a helpless woman is despicable, and targeting her because of her race makes it more so.”

Esco spewed the racial slur as the woman walked past him outside her Yonkers apartment building shortly after 6 p.m. Friday, cops said.

He followed the victim to the building’s front door and attacked her from behind, unleashing a brutal barrage of punches and stomping her seven times.


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