Yiddish newspaper publishes editorial to support vaccinations amid measles outbreak


A Brooklyn Yiddish-language newspaper on Friday published a strong editorial written by community leaders in Williamsburg against anti-vaxxers — and took the very rare step of translating it into English.

The op-ed citing religious mandates to vaccinate children appeared in the Der Yid weekly, which was founded in 1953 and is published by Satmar Hasidim, though it is widely read within the wider Yiddish-speaking community. Its circulation is about 55,000.

“It is very rare that we run an English article,” Shia Friedman, administrator at Der Yid, told The Post. “We felt that it’s important to get the message out, not just to Jews but to the world, that we as a community are not against vaccinations.”

It comes a day after opponents of the city’s mandatory measles vaccination order in Williamsburg said they plan to file a lawsuit to fight the compulsory shots.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday declared a public health emergency and ordered everyone who lives, works or attends school in four Williamsburg zip codes to get immunized against the disease within 48 hours or face a $1,000 fine.

“The City, doctors, community leaders and the yeshivas are appealing for weeks and months to stop the foolishness that penetrated to a small percentage of observant Jews not to vaccinate their children which led to the spread of the measles outbreak,” the editorial reads.

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