‘Yes, I am biased’: Ex-New York Times editor fired for saying she got ‘chills’ when Joe Biden became president DEFENDS inserting her personal views into stories and says they’re needed to counter ‘lies’


Lauren Wolfe penned an op-ed published in the Washington Monthly on Friday where she defended her comments that lost her her job at the New York Times

Wolfe lost her gig with the Times in January after tweeting: ‘Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now. I have chills,’ on the day before the inauguration

Wolfe said she sees her job as a journalist as gathering information and translating it for her audience ‘clearly and effectively’

Writing in a piece that was first published on her Substack, she claimed that trying to balance stories often meant giving too much space to lies

A former New York Times editor fired over a tweet claiming Joe Biden’s inauguration was giving her ‘chills’ has defended her behavior in an op-ed entitled: ‘I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That.’ Lauren Wolfe defended the comments that lost her her job at the New York Times in a piece published in the Washington Monthly on Friday, and insisted it is fine for reporters’ to insert their personal views into some news stories. ‘Being fair and having point of view aren’t incompatible,’ she wrote in an op-ed originally published on her Substack. ‘Reporters at the New York Times and elsewhere shouldn’t have to disguise or suppress their views’

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