Yale psychiatrist loses attempt to get her job back after assertions about then-President Trump’s mental health

A Yale psychiatrist who was not reappointed after she called now former President Donald Trump “delusional” and responsible for spreading a “shared psychosis” among his followers has lost an attempt to win back her position.

U.S. District Judge Sarah A.L. Merriman dismissed a lawsuit against Yale University by Dr. Bandy Lee, whose assertions about the mental health of the former president made her a favorite in anti-Trump circles.

Lee argued in the suit that the university violated her speech rights and professional obligations by denying her reappointment because she exercised her “duty to warn” the public about what she said is the “contagion” of Trump’s mental instability.

When it denied Lee’s reappointment, the university said it had reservations about her judgment, professionalism and fitness to teach after she began making widely disseminated diagnoses of Trump and some in his inner circle without the benefit of having ever met or spoken with them.

Such long-distance diagnoses conflict with guidance from the American Psychiatric Association, of which Lee is not a member. It advises against giving professional opinions about the mental state of someone a psychiatrist has not personally evaluated. Lee called the admonition, known as the Goldwater Rule, a “gag order.”

Yale and Lee’s lawyers did not respond to questions about Merriam’s decision, which was published Tuesday.


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