Xi & Putin Are Not Fooled – Biden’s Weakness On The World Stage Is Dangerous

The Federalist:

  • The new administration should take Mike Pompeo’s advice: Strength deters bad actors and weakness begets war.
  • A series of embarrassing incidents in recent days shows that while the left may control the media narrative, it’s not fooling Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin into thinking President Joe Biden is strong.
  • Particularly hurtful was that the Chinese diplomats, like Putin, used the Democratic Party’s own talking points about how corrupt, racist, evil, and irredeemably sinister the United States is.

Biden had a beyond-friendly interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, on March 16 in which he allowed Stephanopoulos to lure him into calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer” with “no soul.” It would be one thing if there were some purpose behind Biden’s hostile utterance about his Russian counterpart, but it didn’t appear tied to any strategic foreign policy goal.

Other than some largely symbolic sanctions on Moscow for the poisoning and wrongful imprisonment of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Biden’s response to the January resumption of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany, which the United States had succeeded in halting under the Trump administration, has been “half-hearted.” The Biden team says it just wants to move cautiously, but observers say if they wait any longer to act against Berlin and Moscow, it will be too late.

Putin took full advantage of the blunder. After vintage philosophical musings about how Biden may be projecting his own inadequacies, he said the United States has a dark history. He quickly challenged Biden to a public debate. He condescendingly said the sooner it could be done, the better, even if Biden needed a bit of rest and time to prepare. The White House declined the offer for such a public conversation, as Putin surely knew they would.

Russia also recalled its ambassador, the first time such a move had been necessary in decades.

Two days after that ABC interview, Chinese diplomats came to sovereign U.S. territory in Anchorage, Alaska, and brutally dressed down Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. The media did their best to downplay the embarrassing situation, but the disrespect that the Chinese showed the United States was impossible to ignore.

Particularly hurtful was that the Chinese diplomats, like Putin, used the Democratic Party’s own talking points about how corrupt, racist, evil, and irredeemably sinister the United States is. The message oft-repeated by the left this past year was that black people are routinely hunted on the streets, are regularly killed by law enforcement, and have no rights. It’s not any surprise that the Chinese said they agreed with those points.

Biden’s team can’t say, politically, that those lines parroted by the highest echelons of their own party are lies, even though they are. Instead, they mumbled something about how America tries to improve itself.

The tongue-lashing against the United States occurred after the U.S. diplomats condemned China for its economic policies and human rights abuses, including against the Uighur ethnic group. China said the United States is in no position to lecture. It was a poorly thought-out effort from the U.S. diplomats.

The Biden team, which has largely maintained the Trump administration’s economic policies, including controversial tariffs, against China, went into the meeting thinking they could easily dunk on the prior administration and show how much better they were at diplomacy. They should have thought through their standing and strategy a bit more.

“Rather than staying focused on giving China-specific demands and conveying our seriousness, the U.S. team insulted half the Americans who voted for Trump and was glad for his administration’s foreign policy approach by saying ‘America is back.’ America never left. And it’s the approach from the last administration that returned our focus on China and power and away from merely abstract ideas when we deal with other nations,” said Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs.

Blinken has said he wants to move from Trump’s foreign policy focused on national interest back to the post-World War II familiar ruts and abstractions of enforcing a “rules-based order.” But the liberal international order has now officially turned its sights on the United States, with the UN Human Rights Council saying it will investigate “systemic” racism in the United States.

The New York Times, the leading paper of the Democrat Party, says the country was founded when slaves arrived, not when the Declaration of Independence was signed. That helped lead to a summer of murderous riots that destroyed major downtowns across the country.

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