Xi Jinping: Chinese Citizens Must ‘Undertake Great Struggle’ as Economy Crashes

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Thursday called on Chinese citizens to maintain their “resolve” while Beijing undertakes a “great struggle” in future months amid an economic downturn in China, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Xi, who serves as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, made the remarks during a two-day Party meeting held from July 26 to July 27 in Beijing meant to reinforce loyalty within the Party to Xi and communism generally.

“Xi called for resolve to undertake a great struggle with many new contemporary features, and readiness to work even harder toward the goal of rejuvenation,” Xinhua, China’s official state press agency, quoted the dictator as saying.

Xi’s acknowledgment that China faces an uphill battle to maintain its developmental goals came shortly before he and other Communist officials at a separate, high-level meeting of the Party’s Politburo, or top policy-making body, suggested on July 28 that China’s economy had narrowly escaped a recession in the second quarter of this year.

In the second half of 2022, China should “stabilize employment and prices, maintain economic operations within a reasonable range, and strive to achieve the best possible results,” Xinhua quoted the Politburo as saying in a statement summarizing Thursday’s meeting.


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