Wuhan pool party shows China is over the Covid-19 lockdowns; the rest of the world, not so much

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The sight of partygoers in Wuhan, China piling into a water park without masks or social distancing seems like a cruel joke to nations where no measures, however disruptive, seem to be helping against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wuhan is where the first cases of the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus were first observed in late 2019. The city of 11 million, and much of the surrounding Hubei province, were placed under strict lockdown to halt the spread of the virus. The lockdown included drastic measures such as people getting their front doors welded shut, if one is to believe photos circulating online.

Fast-forward to this past weekend, when AFP published photos and video of an electronic music festival at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park. 

Though local media say the park officially operates at 50 percent capacity, “none of the tightly-packed partygoers were seen to be wearing face masks,” the French news agency reported. 

AFP added the official explanation that “there have been no new domestically transmitted cases officially reported in Hubei province” since mid-May, and that the 76-day lockdown had been lifted in April.

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