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Geraldo Rivera says Trump acting like ‘entitled frat boy’ for refusing to concede

Soon-to-be-former President Trump is acting like an “entitled frat boy” for refusing to concede, Fox News host, “Apprentice” ex-contestant and Trump ally Geraldo Rivera said Sunday.

“For almost four years I’ve supported Donald Trump, who was assailed by leftist creeps who conjured the Russia Hoax to wreck his presidency,” Rivera tweeted. “Nevertheless he prevailed. Sadly, he lost a bitterly contested election. S–t happens. However since he has behaved like an entitled frat boy.”

It was not the first time the longtime Trump supporter has urged the lame duck leader to accept his electoral defeat. In November, while votes were still being counted but the election had been called in favor of Democratic ticket Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, he suggested it was time for Trump to “move on with grace and dignity.” And earlier this month he said it was time for both COVID and Trump to go.

He also, just before Thanksgiving, sent the same message to Trump’s other supporters: “We lost,” he tweeted, separating the election from “Trump & Trumpism.”

Nonetheless, few of the tweets replying to his latest message were supportive. Rather than reflect the reality that Trump lost, commenters seemed to see Rivera as a turncoat.

“He believes he was cheated, he’s not throwing a temper tantrum saying to burn everything to the ground – he wants answers, in six months everyone will know Trump won and how it happened,” wrote one.

“And you have now revealed yourself,” wrote another. “It’s amazing to me how Trump is the great Revealer (as well as the best President!!!!).”

Biden and Harris won 306 Electoral College votes against Trump’s 232, with 81.3 million votes to the incumbent’s 74.2 million. In 2016, Trump classified his own 306 Electoral College votes as a “landslide.” Numerous legal challenges to the results by the Trump campaign have failed to unmask any evidence pointing to the voter fraud that he and his supporters allege.

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