World won’t be able to back out of Russia sanctions – analysis  

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Jerusalem Post

As the US and Western countries continue to slap sanctions on Russia, and Russia continues to make tough demands of Ukraine that would basically take away Ukraine’s right to self-defense, questions remain about how the world can extricate itself from this. The Ukraine invasion is a turning point because, like the pandemic, it is accelerating existing breakdowns in the world order. The first breakdown that began with Covid was between China and the West. While the issue of China’s rise was always a key concern to the US over the last decade, there were many views on how to “manage” that rise. The consensus in the last several years was that the US had to build a larger navy to confront China. The pandemic confirmed many people’s worst fears because of how China handled the initial reports. Now China continues its zero-Covid policy as the world tries to move on. But the lack of trust is permanent. It’s not clear if most western countries will trust China again. New US-backed pacts such as AUKUS with the UK and Australia are clearly aimed at China.

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