World-Renowned Microbiologist Dr. Bhakdi Issues Dire Warning: Do NOT Get The Jab!

Trust the science. Isn’t that what the Dems always tell us?

Does that include real scientists like world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, or just the ethically-conflicted frauds like Dr. Fraudci and that loon Birx?

Because Dr. Bhakdi is sounding the alarm on the COVID vaccine and adding his voice to the chorus of others like Dr. Tenpenny who all say you MUST avoid this “vaccine”.

Oh and here’s the latest….

Think it’s just one shot?

Or two, if you got the two dose vaccine?


According to Dr. Bhakdi, this thing is going to need “booster” shots to keep you healthy.

And it won’t just be to protect you against the vaccine.

If you stop taking the boosters, you’ll actually start to get sick.  Really sick.  Not from the virus but from the lack of what’s in these “vaccines”.

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