World careens towards UN control

North Western Research Institute:

If you have had enough of COVID lockdowns and wearing masks that don’t make a difference, then get prepared for yet another onslaught against individual liberty – the “Build Back Better” mantra being used worldwide, and in the Biden ranks for our own country.

Those who are aware of Agenda 21 and the move toward global governance may have seen this already.  If you don’t know about Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030), here’s a good place to start for an overview (Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson). You’ll see that much has taken place already.

In the move toward worldwide socialism/communism, the United Nations (UN) began the transition in 1987 with Maurice Strong and “Sustainable Development” and “The Wildlands Project”.  “Sustainability” was defined at that time by what is “not” sustainable: Private property ownership, fossil fuels, high meat intake, privately owned cars, air conditioning, logging, dams, grazing of livestock, and more. The tool to be used to get there: Global cooling, er, global warming, now “climate change” since the earth cools and warms cyclically.

With the COVID shutdowns, a new opportunity to push the agenda forward more quickly (they have less than 10 years to accomplish their ultimate goal (thus Agenda 2030), they are not letting a “good crisis go to waste”.  So the “Green New Deal” has arisen, using so-called “Climate Change” as the reason, and planning for the “Great Reset”, which is embodied in the term “Build Back Better”.

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