Women are rightly terrified of NYC subways — but our fears are ignored

NY Post

Claudine Roberts, Than Than Htwe, Michelle Go. All three were women, all were racial minorities, and all were viciously killed by strangers on the subway in the past two years. In response to soaring violent crime underground since March 2020, women and girls, correctly fearful of riding the subway, have stayed off the trains if they can and adopted coping mechanisms if they can’t. Claudine Roberts was stabbed to death on the A train in February 2021. Than Than Htwe was pulled down the stairs to her death in Union Square that July. Michelle Go was pushed under a Times Square train this January. There’s also a litany of gruesome injuries, suffered by women just trying to get around town. This week, 33-year-old Elizabeth Gomes was commuting to her early-morning job at JFK when she was set upon by a crazed attacker she had tried to ignore while on the train. We all know the feeling, trying to stay still and not draw attention while someone harasses us. In this case, the suspect, Waheed Foster, followed Gomes off the train, throwing her into a wall and punching and kicking her. She may lose sight in one eye. This month, a Belgian woman suffered facial injury when a group of men randomly slashed her on subway stairs in Chelsea. Also this month, a lost tourist was raped on a Manhattan subway platform. In August, an attacker repeatedly punched an 80-year-old woman on an Upper East Side train. The same month, a 22-year-old woman made a video about being slapped in the face on an Upper West Side train. In June, a woman suffered a broken bone when an assailant pushed her to Bronx subway tracks. In February, a city worker, Nina Rothschild, suffered a skull fracture when a suspect repeatedly hit her with a hammer to steal her purse. Also in February, an unnamed woman was smeared with feces in a Bronx subway station when she, too, tried to avoid a harasser who had targeted her.

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