Woman left wheelchair-bound after contracting COVID-19 at BLM protest: reports

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A California woman has been wheelchair-bound for five months after contracting coronavirus at a Black Lives Matter protest, according to reports.

Nataly Najarro, 24, said she suffers from “long COVID” as a result of her diagnosis, which came after she attended a BLM protest in Hollywood on June 7 — and despite wearing a mask and taking other precautions, news service Media Drum World reported.

Now, several months later, Najarro still struggles with chronic fatigue, memory loss, anxiety, and fevers — which often make her too weak to even walk.

“I have relapsed,” Najarro said on her Instagram page last month. “I have been bedridden for three days and I need assistance to shower and go to the restroom again. I was doing so well walking and then I woke up Saturday and I felt just terrible.”

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