Woman hurls vile abuse, shoves Asian driver into traffic in LA: video

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Disturbing video captures a woman spewing racial abuse at an Asian driver and shoving him into traffic after a minor fender-bender along a Los Angeles highway.


please help spread the word so we can find this woman! no one deserves to be treated like this :/

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The video, stitched together from multiple angles and posted to TikTok last week, shows a woman yelling at another driver as they stand to the side of a highway, alongside a gray SUV and white minivan.

“Where is your insurance? You hit my car! I don’t give a f— about this bitch!” the woman, identified by the Daily Beast as Ashley Barkis, barks.

“You hit my car! So where is your insurance? Where is your insurance? Do you have a driver’s license? Are you from America? Do you even have papers? Are you legal to be here?” Barkis continues to yell, pointing toward his SUV while holding her camera to his face.

The Asian man, who is seen pointing his own camera at her, seemingly pulls out his ID but she slaps it out of his hand and onto the pavement.