Woman Goes BATS**T CRAZY On Cops For Calmly Asking Her Some Questions, Forces Cops To Arrest Her, Claims She Can’t Breathe (video)

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This is textbook 101 on how NOT to react to police asking you some basic questions.

This woman was stopped by West Hartford police after her car was flagged in their system as stolen.

When they asked her for ID she became very belligerent towards the cops, hurling vulgar insults and refused to cooperate.

Keep in mind, she has a young child in the car.

The police are seen in the footage remaining calm and trying to reason with the woman, one officer even shows her his phone to prove her car was flagged by the system as stolen.

At some point, the woman storms off and tries to leave. This is when the police force her out of the vehicle and arrest her.

While on the ground the woman claims she can not breathe. The locals start yelling and threatening the officers.

The woman was taken away to the station to be booked.

All this could have been avoided and been over within 5 minutes if the woman would just have waited calmly for the car to be cleared by the system.

VIDEO at Vidmax.com

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