Woman eaten by 20 pet cats after collapsing dead  

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The Sun

A woman was eaten by her 20 cats after she collapsed at her home and was not discovered by cops for two weeks. Police were horrified when they discovered the partially eaten remains of the woman – who has not been named – after receiving a call from a concerned co-worker. The woman was a cat breeder who kept the 20 giant Maine Coon pedigree cats in her home. Cops were alerted by one of her employees who said she could not contact her boss. Inside her home, police found her partially eaten body surrounded by the hungry cats. Police believe she had been dead for two weeks as they probed her decomposing remains. She was found at the property in Bataysk, Rostov region, Russia. “The cats were left alone on their own for two weeks, there was no food, so what else to eat?” said one animal rescue expert who cared for some of the surviving cats. “It’s understandable right? They ate what there was.” And some of the healthier cats have now been rehomed to new owners for just £29 each. It is not known, reports local media, whether their new owners were told of their taste for human flesh. Maine Coon cats are noted for their large size and originated in the US state of Maine. It is an extremely popular pedigree cat breed currently occupying the number three slot on the world pet cat popularity list.

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