Woman Duct-Taped to Airplane Seat After Trying to Open Door

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A woman was apparently duct-taped to an airplane seat after allegedly attacking flight attendants and trying to open the aircraft’s door during the flight. A clip posted on social media showed the woman with duct tape on her mouth and her upper body taped to the seat with her hands at her sides, the New York Post reported Sunday. TikTok user lol.ariee wrote in the video’s caption, “so this happened on my american airline flight.” The clip showed passengers gathering their belongings and exiting the plane when the woman was heard yelling. “You! You! You! You! You!” she said, moments before the camera panned toward her location in the seat. The Tuesday flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, North Carolina, had been delayed for a few hours before finally leaving at midnight. However, an hour into the flight chaos ensued, according to the TikTok user. “Around 1:30, all of a sudden they start turning all of the lights on and we see flight attendants running up and down the aisles frantically,” she said in a subsequent post. The pilot eventually spoke over the intercom and asked passengers to remain in their seats and explained, “We understand there’s a bad situation in the plane right now and we’re working on fixing it,” lol.ariee said. “So then we start to gradually hear more and more screaming, and we’re like, ‘Wait a minute,’” she added. Prior to landing, a flight attendant who sat nearby reportedly said a woman had experienced an apparent mental episode and wanted to get off the plane.

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