Woman Delivers Her Own Baby, Saves Truck Driver from Fire Days Later

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A woman who delivered her own baby in the emergency room on Monday wound up saving a truck driver’s life from a fire on Thursday, just days after she gave birth.

Holly McNally says that despite welcoming a newborn baby into the world before her doctor showed up earlier in the week, it did not stop her from helping a man covered in flames after his truck full of jet fuel overturned on an Indianapolis-area highway on Thursday.

“It’s human nature to not run towards danger,” she told People. “But for me, it was the opposite. I was like, ‘I brought a life into this world, and I get to go home and see my baby and this man could be somebody’s dad or somebody’s child and I want him to make it home to his baby too.’”


The 35-year-old mother said she was on her way home from the hospital visiting her newborn son in the NICU when she spotted the fiery crash.

McNally said she pulled over, got out of her car, and noticed a man engulfed in flames with his “head on fire, hands on fire.”

It was at that moment when McNally decided to do something.

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