Woman Charges $480 an Hour to Help Millennials Overcome ‘Phone Phobia’

Are you a Gen Z or Millennial with a deathly fear of talking on the phone? Mary Jane Copps, aka The Phone Lady, has a solution for you.

Copps, according to a new Business Insider profile, coaches the youth to help them feel more confident or less fearful of speaking with people over the phone.

Her services don’t come cheap.

As part of her program, Copps charges “$480 an hour for one-on-one coaching and $365 for 30-minute webinars,” Insider reported.

She also trains staff for various corporations, starting at $3,500 a day.

Copps told Insider:

Gen Z have never had the skills given to them. In my generation, the phone was on the wall in everyone’s house, and we were taught to answer it and make calls at a young age.

Now we have several generations that were never taught anything about talking on the phone, and people have removed phones from their homes.

She says the first step in her program is to understand why her client develops anxiety around phone calls and usually has them practice their skills by randomly calling friends and family.


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