Woman Apologizes After Video Showed Her Yelling F-Word, Throwing Water Bottle as She Was Kicked Off Flight

A Las Vegas woman is apologizing after video showed her yelling obscenities at flight attendants and fellow passengers as she was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight from New York to Georgia.

“I am sorry that I got so upset. However, I felt like I needed to…stick up for myself. I know I need to work on my emotions, but they weren’t right either,” Anna Dugan told Inside Edition.

The bartender was told to get off the plane after allegedly refusing to put her dog into a carry case.

“My dog was sitting on my lap. I put him in the bag. He’s in the bag,” Dugan told a flight attendant.

When another passenger chimed in, “Get off the plane,” Dugan said, “I am. Shut the f*** up.” With that, the belligerent passenger threw a water bottle at the other passenger.

The flight attendant, who had kept his cool up until that point, had enough. “Nobody acting this way flies on a flight with us,” he told the woman.

“OK. F*** you,” she responded.

As she walked down the aisle, she smashed one of the many cellphones recording her. 


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