Woman, 19, shot dead by officer during Juneteenth parade after she opened fire on him from her car, leaving the cop sobbing on the floor afterwards

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The Daily Mail:

  • The police say Briana Sykes, 19, of Flint, fired the first shots in the incident 
  • The officer returned fire, striking the teen, who died as a result of her injuries
  • The incident took place around 2:14pm on Saturday, when the unidentified officer was working traffic during the city’s Juneteenth Celebration Parade
  • The Flint officer was ‘fired upon by the lone occupant of a vehicle who drove up to him at the traffic point,’ state police said on Twitter
  • Upon taking fire, the officer returned fire, striking the suspect,’
  • police addedIn a video of the incident, the officer can be heard giving verbal commands, demanding to see the suspect’s hands
  • The officer can be seen on his knees, seemingly weeping after the shooting
  • Briana was transported to the Hurley Medical Center for treatment after the shooting, where she eventually succumbed to her injuriesNo one else was injured Saturday, including the police officer involved

A 19-year-old woman was shot dead by police after opening fire on a cop from her car during a Juneteenth parade in Flint, Michigan, has been pictured for the first time.

Police say Briana Sykes, 19, of Flint, fired the first shots at the officer, who was controlling traffic, before he returned fire and fatally wounded her.

Cell phone video of the confrontation posted online shows the officer slumping to the floor after the shooting and appearing to cry as he is attended to by colleagues. 

It’s not clear what led up to the incident between Briana and the officer. 

But her sister, Nala McCracklin, 19, says she does not blame the police officer.

She told DailyMail.com: ‘I do feel horrible for the officer who did it and I’m not upset at him or anyone else. As well as the bystanders. Nobody deserves to see or experience that.’ 

‘I want to make sure people who are going through tough times know that therapy and counseling is okay.’ 

Nala said that Briana’s boyfriend, who she did not name, had been killed in a shooting which did not involve police just three days earlier.

She added: ‘She wasn’t a bad person, nor violent.’

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