‘Wokefishing’ breaks the hearts of love-seeking SJWs, who tragically discover their partner isn’t as unbearably PC as they thought


Wokefishing is the act of pretending to have ultra right-on opinions in an effort to get social justice warriors into bed… because, apparently, some people want to do that.

A new problem has hit the left-wing dating world, and the problem is ‘wokefishing.’ The phrase is a play on ‘catfishing,’ which means pretending to be someone you are not online to lure someone into a relationship. The issue is apparently enough of a problem that Vice, the achingly SJW online magazine, has devoted a lengthy article explaining what the problem is and interviewing “victims” of this cruel political dupery.

Vice describes the phenomenon as “masquerading as holding progressive political views to ensnare potential partners,” I know, the horror. Apparently, techniques of these “wokefish” include pretending to be a “protest-attending, sex-positive, anti-racist, intersectional feminist who drinks ethically sourced oat milk…but in reality not giving a sh*t”. Quite why you would be disappointed that your partner was actually less of an insufferable arse than they originally appeared to be, I don’t know, but then again, I’m not woke, nor am I trying to sleep with anyone who is.

The Vice piece is written by a woman who says that when she was 17 she decided to become a vegan, this apparently prompted the chap she was seeing at the time to ask “Oh god, you’re not going to become one of those vegan feminists are you?” Our narrator tells us that this left her “confused” for her paramour had not come across like someone who “hated vegan feminists.” Alas, their dalliance ended shortly thereafter, whereupon she deduced that he had “reeled her in with an outwardly woke persona.

Wokefishing, we are informed, is apparently on the rise, particularly in the wake of the George Floyd protests and the coronavirus. The article goes on to detail the experiences of yet more “victims”of this cruel deception. We hear from one gentleman who tells us that on his first date with a chap “they talked about racism in the UK.” Call me old fashioned, but that seems like a pretty heavy topic for a first date. As an opening gambit: “Hello, you look lovely, tell me, what should we do to address white supremacy in society?” wouldn’t exactly be a “move” I’d go for.

Anyway, apparently this chap’s lover didn’t put his words into practice, he was just presenting as a social justice warrior but he didn’t mean it. Lucky escape I’d say, for the lover.

More stories flow about the perils of dating while believing neo-Marxist codswallop. A woman tells us how she had been with her ex-boyfriend for a year before she realised he “never acknowledged his own privilege” and ended it with him.

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