Woke Wall Street Firm TPG Capital Contributes to DirecTV Censoring Conservatives

As Republicans gear up for hearings in Congress to investigate how Democrats colluded with AT&T to censor One America News Network (OAN) from DirecTV, attention may also fall on private equity fund TPG Capital, which owns a significant portion of DirecTV and has demonstrated left-wing bias in the past.

AT&T owns 70 percent of DirecTV, which makes the telecom giant’s claims that DirecTV is “independent” unpersuasive. Nonetheless, AT&T did sell a major stake representing 30 percent 0f the company to the private equity firm TPG in 2021. AT&T also appointed TPG the operational manager of DirecTV.

With AT&T’s consent, TPG has significant influence over DirecTV including appointingtwo of its partners, David Trujillo and John Flynn, to the Satellite TV company’s board.

TPG epitomizes woke capital, with a website boasting about how “Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion is a core value at TPG” and a “longstanding commitment to fostering strong ESG performance.”  TPG’s management team has given 90 percent of its political donations to Democrats.


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