Woke Virginia school bans white and Asian students for applying for college prep program

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A Virginia school district is under fire once again for its ‘equality’ programs – this time for offering college preparation classes only to black and Hispanic students.

Fairfax County Public Schools has since the beginning of this year been under investigation by the state Attorney General for withholding merit awards from students at Thomas Jefferson High School.

TJs, as locals call it, is the United States’ top-performing public school, and woke teachers there claimed they’d held back the awards to boost ‘equity.’

And now, another school in the district – Cooper Middle School in McLean, Virginia – sent a letter to parents which critics said was also discriminatory.

On February 21, parents of eighth grade students were asked whether their children were considering college, and could benefit from college preparation classes.

The lessons were only available, however, to black or Hispanic students, as well as those with disabilities, language barriers, economic disadvantages or those who were the first in their family to apply.

Journalist Asra Nomani, who obtained the letter, tweeted: ‘In the 20th century, Asian Exclusion Act denied Asians equal opportunities.