‘Woke’ Police Reforms to Make All Cops Sit Through ‘Black History’ Lessons


UK police reforms are to force cops to sit through lessons on “Black history” and “anti-racism” as officials push to get more officers to identify as “woke”.

Policing in the UK is apparently not already progressive enough, with British officials publishing an action plan on Tuesday which will see officers across England and Wales face mandatory lectures on the likes of “Black history” and “anti-racism” in the hopes it will lower racial disparities affecting those of African descent.

Having been initiated in the wake of the Black Lives Matter in the United States, the action plan’s initial recommendations were published almost two years to the day after George Floyd’s death.

According to a press release published by National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), officials responsible for the plan are hoping that forcing officers to undergo various types of anti-racist training will lower the number of black people who find themselves having forced used against them by cops.


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