Woke Lancet Blames Premature Deaths on ‘Racism’ and ‘Xenophobia’

The once-respectable Lancet medical journal has once again taken a deep dive into woke politics, publishing an entire series on “racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and health.”

“Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination exist in every modern society causing avoidable disease and premature death among groups who are often already disadvantaged,” the Lancet contends in this latest issue.

The series of articles “examines how the historic systems and structures of power and oppression, and discriminatory ideologies have shaped policy and practice today, and are root causes of racial health inequities,” the journal states in its executive summary.

In this latest manifestation of the Lancet’s love embrace of political correctness, it continues its years-old quest to become a flagship for LGBT activism, pro-abortion lobbying, pro-immigration agitation, anti-white rhetoric, and what it has unapologetically called its “progressive agenda.”

One of the articles in the December 9 issue explores “how racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and the structures that support them are detrimental to health.”


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