Woke Church of England Unveils £100m Reparations-Style Fund to Apologise for Slavery Ties

The Church of England announced that it has committed £100 million in a reparations-style package to make up for its role in the historical slave trade – a practice which it helped abolish in the Western world.

The Anglican church, which was one of the first established churches to campaign for the abolition of slavery, announced a series of measures on Tuesday that it intends to embark upon to compensate for its historic links to the Transatlantic slave trade.

The move, which came in response to a report commissioned by the Church that detailed “shameful” ties to slavery, will see some £100 million from its coffers handed out on race-based initiatives such as an “impact investment fund” which will seek to create a “better and fairer future for all” but in particular families descended from victims of the slave trade.

This at a time as parish churches, many of them historic buildings, are struggling with upkeep and even retaining members, with some 1,000 having closed in the last 30 years — 400 of them in just the last decade.

More research into the role of the Church in slavery will also be funded by the £100 million, including examining local cathedrals and parishes which may have directly or indirectly benefited from the practice.

Next year, a new oversight group will also be established to work with the Church Commissioners to “ensure this work is done sensitively and with accountability.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, said: “The full report lays bare the links of the Church Commissioners’ predecessor fund with transatlantic chattel slavery. I am deeply sorry for these links. It is now time to take action to address our shameful past.

“Only by obeying the command in 1 John 1:6-7 and addressing our past transparently can we take the path that Jesus Christ calls us to walk and face our present and future with integrity. It is hard to do this at a time when resources in many parishes are so stretched, but by acting rightly we open ourselves to the blessing of God,” he claimed.


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