With Biden 2024 in doubt, San Francisco voters deliver blunt assessment of Gavin Newsom’s presidential future

California Gov. Gavin Newsom should run for president in 2024 if President Biden does not run for a second term, some Bay Area voters told Fox News.

“I think it’s great,” Susan, a San Francisco resident, said of a Newsom presidential bid. “I think he’s a great governor, and I think he could be an incredible president.”

But Keith said a Newsom presidency would be “absolutely horrible.”

“He’s just a complete hypocrite,” Keith told Fox News. 

In his first sit-down interview with an American TV journalist in 200 days, Biden told CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday that “it’s much too early” for him to make a decision on launching a reelection bid. Newsom reportedly plans to launch a presidential bid for 2024 if Biden doesn’t.

“Gavin Newsom is great on thinking about issues before other people are thinking about them,” Lucy, a long-time Bay Area resident, told Fox News.


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