Will Lake Tahoe’s invasive shrimp become the next mass-market health supplement?


First it was development runoff. Then it was algae triggered by global warming. Now UC Davis researchers have seized on a new explanation for the continued dinginess of Lake Tahoe’s blue waters — tiny invasive shrimp.

The researchers say that mysis shrimp, introduced in the 1960s to fatten trout, have proliferated to a point that they now pose a major threat to the lake’s clarity. To make Tahoe shrimp-free, the researchers are proposing to remove the crustaceans with trawlers and to mass market Omega-3 fatty acids extracted from the catch.

The novel approach could be self-funding, “climate-proof” and produce “levels of clarity in the lake not seen in decades,” according to Geoffrey Schladow, director of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.

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