Wikipedia Cheated for Biden – Saw Election Day Traffic Spike on Censored Hunter Biden Page


Page view statistics on Wikipedia indicated that on the day of the U.S. Presidential election, which hinges on mere thousands of votes in key states, the page on Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden saw an additional 66,000 views for 110,000 views total.

Readers of the page saw allegations of him having corrupt foreign business dealings called “debunked conspiracy theories” and, due to editors censoring the page, find no mention of recent New York Post bombhells on apparent Biden e-mails lending credence to corruption allegations.

The similarly censored Wikipedia page for Joe Biden saw an Election Day spike of 360,000 views, while the negatively slanted page on President Donald Trump saw 150,000 additional views that day.

Such traffic in a marginal election outcome shows the potential electoral impact of Wikipedia’s left-wing bias, a bias which earlier this year caused its co-founder to declare the death of the site’s “neutrality” policy.

A tool gauging traffic on Hunter Biden’s page on Wikipedia shows that on November 3, 2020, the article on Biden received a little over 110,000 views. This was an uptick from around 44,000 views the previous day, for a total increase of about 66,000 views. While the traffic counter does not identify the source of traffic to determine if viewers were coming from a particular area, the spike in views alone is well in excess of the margins in several key states.

Before Election Day, similar spikes were only seen following significant developments with Biden, such as the initial New York Post reporting on the allegations when traffic spiked by nearly 80,000 views. Following the final Presidential debate where the corruption allegations figured prominently, there was a traffic spike of nearly the same size as Election Day. Viewing traffic remained high for most of the last weeks of the campaign after the Post‘s reporting with the day before the election being its lowest point.

If these tens of thousands of readers were looking to the page to determine whether to vote for Hunter Biden’s father, the former Vice President, then they would likely come away with an initial impression favoring a vote for the Democrat. The introduction to Hunter Biden’s page at the time described the corruption allegations against him and the Biden family as “debunked conspiracy theories” propagated by President Trump. More significantly, the page contains no mention of the Post’s reporting casting doubt on Biden family denials about the allegations or subsequent confirmations of that reporting by other outlets.

Editors on Wikipedia actively censored the Post’s reporting from many pages relating to the allegations, including on Biden’s page. Initial discussion on including the allegations claimed the Post was “unreliable” and suggested the laptop reportedly containing the e-mails was fabricated. Guy Chapman, an administrator with special privileges on the site who previously called for banning Trump supporters from Wikipedia, baselessly suggesting the e-mails originated with Russian intelligence. Later attempts to mention it were removed as editors dismissed the story’s credibility. Removing description of the allegations as “conspiracy theories” on Biden’s page has also been repeatedly rejected with editors invoking baseless claims of Russian involvement.

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