Wikipedia Caught Lying Again – Editors Label Capitol Riot a ‘Coup’ Attempt


After the January 6 Capitol riot, Wikipedia editors distorted the facts of the event and even categorized it as a “coup” despite objections.

Wikipedia’s liberal bias is Facebook + Google + Twitter on steroids

Editors have also misrepresented the fraud allegations surrounding the 2020 election and supporting evidence in order to discredit them. Several editors have even been banned due to comments criticizing Wikipedia’s bias on each subject.

Many Wikipedia editors have also pushed for other inflammatory characterizations of Trump’s election challenges and the Capitol protests and riot, though the worst characterizations have generally not been presented as fact due to intensely divided discussions.

Disputes over how to characterize the Capitol riot were the first battle on Wikipedia about the subject, a battle which began as the Capitol storming occurred and in its immediate aftermath. Initially, the article referred to the event as a Trump rally before the page was retitled to call them “protests” and then settling on “2021 storming of the United States Capitol” as the current title.

Several editors had created articles on the event within the same hour. One referred to it as a “coup d’état attempt” and another called the protests “riots” in the title.

Characterization disputes over the Capitol storming continued beyond just disagreements over the article title. Editors have also categorized the page under “coup attempts” and added several navigation boxes listing it as one of several “coup attempts” at the bottom of the page. One editor even created a category specifically for “coups d’état and coup attempts in the United States” to add to the page, though the category stretched the meaning to include coups in the territory of the modern United States, even when the coups preceded the existence of the country.

When one editor tried to remove the coup categorizations, Travis Mason-Bushmann or “NorthBySouthBaranof” on Wikipedia, restored them.

Editors have had nearly a dozen discussions on renaming the article since it was moved to its current title. Some were closed for procedural reasons, while others saw discussion stale-mating or rejecting specific alternatives such as “riot” with the current title remaining. Despite the page being categorized under “coups” and having several coup-related navigation boxes, an “ongoing analysis” of sourcing on the article’s discussion page argues against coup as the proper term for the storming of the Capitol with no clear consensus on alternatives. However, editors have also not agreed on halting rename discussions.

The contentious debate over describing the violence at the Capitol protests and subsequent storming of the building has prompted several editors to be sanctioned for criticizing harsher labels.

Editor “Display name 99” objected to calling the protests “riots” by noting protests last year following the police-involved death of George Floyd were not labeled as such on Wikipedia despite much greater violence and destruction than at the Capitol.

Display also defended the Proud Boys group who engaged in some of the violence at the Capitol as mostly acting in self-defense and stated their concerns about the election were more legitimate than the complaints of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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