Wife of New Orleans pastor is killed in front her distraught children by a carjacker who ran her over as they fled in her stolen car


A New Orleans mother died after a carjacker threw her out of her own vehicle and ran her over, as her distraught children stood by helplessly. Jeannot Plessy, 49, died on Tuesday night in Gentilly just moments after going on a date night with her Christian pastor husband David Plessy. Plessy, who is also a devout Christian, had only just returned from a preaching tour in American Samoa.  Her distraught family had pleaded for Plessy’s killer to come forward before New Orleans Police revealed on Saturday that they had arrested three teenagers over the deadly carjacking.  After returning from her preaching tour, Plessy spent Tuesday night on a date with her husband of 14 years, the pastor told The Advocate.  They eventually parted ways in separate cars so Plessy could go and pick up their younger children from their adult daughter’s home. Police said the carjacker approached Plessy when she was getting out of her car in her daughter’s driveway. The mother was thrown to the ground after a struggle before Plessy’s son-in-law tried to pull the carjacker from the car.  The carjacker reversed the car at a high speed and ran over an already injured Plessy.  Plessy died in hospital soon after from her injuries.  Police later found the stolen vehicle and processed it for evidence as they sought Plessy’s attacker.  Jontrell Robinson, 17, has since been charged with second-degree murder and carjacking.