Wife of ex-Marine killed in Ukraine has seen her life ‘completely fallen apart’


The wife of the former US Marine who was killed fighting against invading Russians in Ukraine has seen her life “completely fallen apart” since her husband’s death, according to the slain soldier’s father.

New York native Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, left behind his 22-year-old wife Brittany — who is also a Marine veteran — and their seven-month-old son, Anthony, in March after he took a paid job with a private military contracting company “in order to protect the innocent” in Ukraine, his father wrote on a GoFundMe page.

On Tuesday, Cancel’s wife received “the worst call of her life,” when she was informed that her husband was killed in battle, the father said.

“‘Your husband fought bravely but unfortunately he did not make it,’” she was told in a phone call.

“Since that April 26th phone call, her life has completely fallen apart and now she has to figure out how to build it back together, to figure out how to raise her son without his father or financial support,” the father wrote on the fundraising site, which has raised over $38,000 as of early Saturday morning.


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