Wife of detained Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher says Trump is ‘being lied to’ about her husband’s treatment


The wife of the decorated Navy SEAL accused of committing war crimes told Fox News on Friday that she wants to “let the president know he is being lied to” about the way her husband is being treated ahead of his trial.

Andrea Gallagher’s plea to the White House comes as the legal team representing her husband Edward filed a court motion this week seeking to remove the “unnecessary and punitive restrictions” they say have been placed upon him by his commander at the San Diego facility where he currently is being held. Trump, in late March, tweeted that Gallagher would be relocated to “less restrictive confinement” ahead of his May 28 court date – but the SEAL’s attorneys have disputed the Navy’s handling of that move.

“It’s an absolute nightmare. And I just want to let the president know he’s being lied to,” Andrea Gallagher said on ‘America’s Newsroom’. “There is corruption from the top down involved in this and we’re looking to expose it.

“In the meantime, I’m suffering,” she added. “This case – legal fees alone – will be close to half a million dollars. What military family can afford that?”

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