First assuming you are one of many Kurd supporters I urge you not to confuse the two issues. We supported the Kurds in their fight against the Islamic State and usually did not engage Assad forces.

We are not in Syria with a military force to overthrow Assad nor help the Kurds establish their own territory. That was never our stated mission.

Our mission was to fight the Islamic State and the Kurds helped in that effort. That mission is over.

The USA does not have the resources to help the Kurds establish their own territory. Not our job. Not our mission.

As to betrayal of Kurds, that is pure garbage. We helped the Kurds liberate their area from Islamic state. No betrayal took place.

Next, a 2000 person force is not large enough to do squat. However, al Tanaf is really a covert airbase. Now one has to be practical. Who are we bombing next?

Not Assad. Not Russians. Not Iranians IRGC.

We want no part of that mess.

The fiction is that Al Tanaf is there to stop Iran. Pardon me but is just a farcical view and anyone who believes that has never spend one day in the region.

Al Tanaf has no value. It should be closed. The mission is over.

As to the Islamic State, it is more fiction than reality. I urge you to read the new assessments of IS like from Max Abrahms. Rules for Rebels or Fishman’s book on IS. It is clear that IS was not a fighting force. They took Raqqa because the US government destablized Assad. Mosul was handed to them by the disaffected Iraqi troops.

Now to the SDF. It is not a Kurd forces. About 30 to 40% of it are tribal Arabs who are paid to fight. They come from the many tribes in the South of Syria and have no love for Assad but no longer want to fight on. SDF will not hold Raqqa nor will it hold Deir ez Zor. The tribes do not like the Kurds anymore than anyone else in the region.

bottom line the SDF is a fiction.

Finally, the USA does not have the manpower to fight on.

I urge all who want to fight to do that actually. I can give you the address of the nearest recruitment center. 93% of you live in the cheap seats.