Why NY Dems are avoiding Occasional-Cortex

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New York Post:

New York’s elected officials are avoiding spotlight-loving firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez like, well, the plague, opting to craft their coronavirus response efforts without the lefty lawmaker, insiders tell The Post.

Sources gave multiple explanations for why the Queens-Bronx Democrat has been largely relegated to the sidelines — and her “Animal Crossing” island — rather than in the fray.

“They are not looking to work with her and they want nothing to do with her,” said one source plugged into Empire State politics, explaining that other pols feared she would outshine them or try to take credit for their work.

But another insider said that the often-outspoken AOC simply rubs many of her fellow New York Democrats the wrong way.

“She hasn’t made many friends in the delegation,” said that source, a staffer in another Empire State representative’s office.

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